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WK 6 Individual: Customer Success Story

Assignment Content

  1.    Your implementation was successful, and it’s time to plan ahead for future projects. One important piece of project reflection and creating future proposals is to use customer success stories. These stories read as case studies and provide internal and external personnel a glimpse into the decisions made throughout the project. It provides the opportunity to highlight the goals, results, and impacts of the project. Customer success stories are also used to predict trends in future projects.

    Develop a 12- to 14-slide, multimedia-rich presentation featuring your work with WeLoveVideo, Inc. You will use this presentation in your next client meeting.

    Include the following:

    • A description of the systems project
    • Justification behind the SDLC recommended(waterfall or Agile)
    • Intended business goals of the systems project
    • Results of the project, to include scope,schedule, budget and user adoption
    • Storyboard example
    • Impact the systems project had on theorganization
    • How the decisions made in this project willaffect the business in the next 10 years
    • Detailed speaker notes
    • Appropriate charts, images, graphics, video, or audio where appropriate
    • At least 2 references cited in APA format
    • In addition, write a brief, 1-page summary of the presentation to be published on the company website for potential clients to review.

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