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September 15, 2020
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September 15, 2020

Women in Affairs: Infidelity Assignment

Description: (Unable to post video but here is the description)

Many believe that men who cheat are looking for sexual fulfillment, while cheating women seek love and romance. Do men and women stray for different reasons? This program profiles Stephania, a lonely housewife who sought connection on the Ashley Madison Web site, and Regan, who loves her husband but is driven to find sexual satisfaction outside of marriage. Raising two children but growing apart from her husband, Stephania describes her affair and how her need for intimacy collides with devotion to her family. Regan, too, wants to be faithful, but because she has a sexually dysfunctional spouse she engages—with much guilt—in purely physical flings.

1) Identify which of the three videos you watched and why you chose that one. (Women in Affairs: Infidelity)

2) All of the videos have to do with an issue of sexuality. Offer a brief summary and reaction to the video you chose.

3) How does the issue presented in your video affect families? How does society contribute to the issue discussed in the video you chose.


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