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write a business plan thesis


The goal is to write a business plan for “Stark”.

Stark is a virtual marketing agency that produces internet marketing products and SEO services. Location: Oman. More details of Stark and assignment grading instructions are attached.

Additional Problem: I have an issue with the financial section. It needs to be fixed.

Instructor notes: Your numbers are EXTREMELY low for a business. Making $3,000 per year is more of a hobby vs. a true business. You need to revise for your final business plan to illustrate a business truly worthy of full-time work for you and your associates. Again, consider a full-time opportunity and change expenses (including salaries) to illustrate this shift change.

Before you confirm this assignment, make sure you open all attached files to have a perspective. I am not expecting you to write something from your creative mind.

Hi there, thank you for taking this assignment! the assignment is only one document, the rest are attached to explain the business idea only

Thank you!